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Field Rules



1. FPS is limited to 400 FPS with a .20 or 1.49 j and will be marked with BLUE tape. This is for all AEGS, HPA and LMGs. Edit!! We will allow AEG and HPA rifles to shoot 401-420 with a .20 (1.64j) with a 10 foot MED and will be marked with yellow tape!. LMGs will still be limited to 400 fps (1.49j.)2. LMGs are the only rifle class allowed to be on full auto. They have a 50 foot MED and a rate of fire limited to 25 Rounds per Second. An LMG is not an M4 with a boxmag. MUST be a true LMG! No Exceptions!  MED=Minimum Engagement Distance

2. Pistols may be full auto but may NOT have modified mags. Extended mags only. No drum mags.

3. There is no "DMR" class except for events were the old (wooded) area is being utilized.

4. Bolt action rifles are limited to 500 FPS with a .20 or 2.32j. They have a 75 foot MED.

5. You will not be permitted to play without a dead rag.

6. Barrel covers are required when off the field!!!!

7. Full Seal eye protection will be strictly enforced!! NO SAFETY GLASSES! NO MESH EYE PROTECTION! Full face protection is required for anyone under the age of 16. Full seal goggles and lower face & ear protection for ages 16 to 17. Full Seal goggles are required for ages 18 and older! We also recommend to wear lower face protection to protect your teeth.

8. This is a semi auto field only!! No full auto! Full auto is only allowed when using a true LMG!


1. Marshals: Marshals are employees of 911 Airsoft. All marshals are to help make game play fun and safe. All decisions of the marshals are final. No arguing, fighting or disrespecting of the marshals! This will be strictly prohibited! No exceptions! Marshals must be notified of all issues and emergencies immediately!

2. Chrono rules: Chrono will be done in Joules. AEG's, HPA's, and GBB's will be no more than 1.64 Joules. Snipers will be no more than 2.31 Joules. This is for the safety of all players. HPA, GBB, and Snipers are subject to be chronoed with .40 gram BBs. AEG's will be chronoed with .20 gram BBs.

3. Hit Calling!!! Airsoft is an honor sport and all players must call their hits! Hits are anywhere on the body. Gun hits and ricochets do not count. When you are hit you call OUT! VERY Loud!!! OR YOU WILL KEEP GETTING SHOT!!!! When hit fall to the ground or take a knee and yell hit! You can wait for a medic or after 5 mins, go to re-spawn! Once hit you do not speak! Dead men do not talk! You can not speak when being healed or when walking to re-spawn. Use a dead rag to show you are hit!

4. Re-spawn: NO SPAWN CAMPING IS ALLOWED! If you are playing in the game, STAY AWAY FROM THE RE-SPAWN! No live players with in 75 feet!

5. Medics: Anyone can move a player by holding onto them and keeping some kind of physical contact on them. You can move a player to a medic but only a medic can heal / revive a player. Medic must preform 60 taps to the dead player to revive them. If a medic uses an arm band to heal a player then after the arm band is on the medic must preform 30 taps. If medic shoots at a player during the taps, the tap count must be restarted! If player being revived gets hit again, the taps start over. No dead player can be used as a shield. Medics can not shoot while reviving a player.

6. Shooting: No blind firing! Shoot at only what you can see! No shooting wild life! No shooting in the air over your head! No acting crazy!

7. Grenades: Must make an audible "BANG" If they do, whether they are full of bbs or not, they are considered deadly. If a person is not behind hard cover, they are dead within 10 feet!

8. No Shooting Under Walls!

9. No one plays without a dead rag!

10. No grenades of any type can go under or over the walls of the buildings!

11. Everyone have fun: Small children, Females, YOUR own children, and other people do not want to hear foul language! Have fun, play hard, kick ass, and stay hydrated! Thank you for your time & hope to see you there!

Dave Bosco


911 Airsoft LLC

Greenwood, Delaware